Demsky district

Demsky district

Demsky district of Ufa City Republic of Bashkortostan is situated in southern part and occupies a territory of 56, 37 square kilometers. There are about 66356 people of different nations. An official birthday of the district is the March 6th 1944 when it became a part of the city. Though its history began much earlier and dates back to 1887 and connected with the construction of Samara-Ufa-Zlatoust-Chelyabinsk railroad. During 30-s of XIX-th century Dema became one of the major railway junctions of Russia.

Nowadays Demsky district is one of the most eco-friendly and developed ones which has significant manufacturing, labor and scientific potential. Major sectors of economy are railway transport (over 20 enterprises), fuel and medical industry. About 43 thousand of people work in large and medium manufacturing enterprises. There are about 2,5 thousand small business enterprises.

Demsky district is famous for its history and traditions, hospitability and friendly citizens. The district is developing rapidly: new residential areas are being built; schools and kinder gardens are being opened and reconstructed; redevelopment of the territory is being carried out.

450095, Ufa city, Ukhomskogo Street, 3
Fax: +7-347-281-16-74

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