Kalininsky district

Kalininsky district

Kalininsky district is situated in northeast of the city and occupies he territory of 201,6 square kilometers. The population comprises 199,1 thousand people. An official date of establishment is February 25th 1952.

Kalininsky district has a rich labor biography. It was one of the originators of industrialization of the republic and appeared and developed during the pre-war five-year plans. Building of manufacturing infrastructure began in this district including Ufa Engine-Building Production Enterprise (УМПО), which is an honor not only to the district and republic but the country.

Nowadays Kalininsky district has a key role in the social-economic development of Ufa and Bashkortostan and makes a significant contribution to budget. New perspective enterprises appear here. Production profitability is growing and there are no arrears in salaries. Enterprises and consumer market are also growing rapidly.

The district successfully resolves social issues. Comfortable houses, trade and public facilities are being built, streets and the territories are being improved.

Great attention is given to healthcare system. New medical centers, sports and recreation complexes are being built.

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