Interesting facts

Ufa is the most spacious Russian city with over a million of population. The share of urban territory per citizen amounts to 698 sq. m. Ufa ranks 3rd in length among Russian cities after Sochi and Volgograd.

The highest building in the city is the Bank Uralsib office. It is a 26-storey building of 100.5-meter height. It had been considered the tallest Russian building outside Moscow Ring Highway until 2003.

Severnaya (North) Street is situated further south than Yuzhnaya (South) Street. Tsentralnaya (Central) Street is located on the outskirts of the Dyomsky District near the western entrance to the city. Okrainnaya (Outskirts) Street is situated at a distance of two kilometers from the city center.

Ufa is the greenest Russian city with over a million of population. The share of green space per citizen is 202 sq. m.

The city is divided into central and outskirt areas by the Ufa River and the Belaya River.

In 2011 Ufa took the second place in the all-Russia competition among municipal entities for the title of Most Well-Planned Russian Urban Settlement and was awarded a diploma by the Russian Federation Government.

Salavat Prospekt and Salavat Street do cross on the city plan, but there is no actual road crossing. At the intersection point the Salavat Street surface is 10 meters above the Salavat prospect surface. Nevertheless, the house at 1 Salavat Prospekt is adjacent to the house at 19 Salavat Street.

The idea of the Individual Taxpayer Number (ITN) had been developed and tested in Ufa before introducing it for individuals across the country.