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Ufa Becomes City of Unique Districts

Date: 21.11.2015
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A Festival day was held within III Urban Bayram city – planning forum in Ufa, the participation of ambitious Ufa residents in discussing the development prospects of individual city districts became one of its peculiarities.

Round table discussion called “Ufa is the city of unique districts” became the start of the Festival day program. The main experts of the forum include foreign guests of our capital, city and urban spaces planning experts as well as architects: Vicente Guallart (chief architect of Barcelona), Ico Migliore (architect from Milan, co – founder of MIGLIORE+SERVETTO studio), Park Sangjune (one of the Seoul public transport reform participants, South Korea), and Pan Hisao (professor of transport planning in Tongji University, Shanghai, China). Principles of forming local centers in Ufa regions, Milan and Barcelona experience of spatial development as well as the issue about the development of city tourism were considered during the round table discussion.

“There is a concentration problem in Barcelona. The situation is as follows: all the tourists come to the downtown. We need to build up new centers to reduce this concentration. And Ufa has neither amount, nor concentration problems. You need to think of how tourism can develop the city economy,” Vicente Guallart pointed out.

At that moment a number of workshops and master – classes were organized in VDNH - Expo. Ufa residents came to participate with their families in discussing the future of their native city districts. The participants and audience also include Administration Heads of Ufa city districts, specialists of communal and housing services, Heads of cultural establishments and educational institutions.

In “Sipaylovo” makeshift section its ambitious residents discussed the prospects of  “Rylskovo” pedestrian  street project, calling it “The Arbat of Ufa”. A workshop of the technology application of accessory designing on educational objects was held in “Dema” section.

“Chernikovka” section became the most numerous and active platform. The prospects of city cultural and leisure center development, saturation of the building with new functions and activities as well as saving its historical appearance were discussed here. Within the strategy of developing the northern districts of Bashkortostan capital developed by the city Administration its residents expressed their vision of the future of Chernikovka district as a cultural and historical center of Ufa.

Within the Festival Day the ponds located in the city didn`t stay without attention. The parks in the remoted areas of the capital were also considered: Ufa residents together with the architects and the city officials discussed the ways of improving “Dolgoe” lakes in “Nizhegorodka” microdistrict and a lake in “Shaksha” microdistrict. Meanwhile “Zaton” section was carrying out “Volna” park modernization project development.

Besides, Urban Bayram – 2015 was holding exhibition of children's drawings, “Ufa faces” photography exhibition, ecological interactive game, garbage sorting championship, road traffic regulations courses of cycling and many other activities. The forum ended at 17.00.

The full interview with Vicente Guayart, chief expert of the third day of Urban Bayram forum -– watch on “Vsya Ufa” local city TV channel, in “Urban Bayram forum diary- 2015”  TV program. 

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