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Ufa Studying Experience of Chinese City of Shenyang

Date: 27.11.2015
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The delegation of Ufa led by Irek Yalalov, head of the city Administration, is now having a business visit to China. One of the main goals of the trip is to study the experience of our Chinese colleagues in urban planning, municipal improvement, transport, infrastructure development, urban economy management, education as well as cultural exchange. Today Ufa has a task to improve as a city which is comfortable and convenient for its residents. Besides our own advantages it is necessary to learn the advanced world experience, especially the experience of the countries and regions with similar weather conditions.

On November 25 the delegation visited the sister – city of Shenyang which is the administrative, economic and cultural center of Liaoning province and the largest industrial center of North – Eastern China. The most developed industry areas include engineering, car manufacturing, pharmacy, information technology, agriculture, non – ferrous metal industry and aircraft engineering.

The Administration of Ufa city and the People's Government of Shenyang city are bound by their rich history of collaboration and cooperation. More than 15 years ago an Agreement of economic and trade, scientific and technical, social and cultural cooperation was signed.  The Agreement implemented a lot of featuring projects. On September 21, 2011 an Agreement about sister – city relations was signed. It is worth noting that Ufa became the first Russian sister – city of Shenyang.

An exchange program of schoolchildren and students is organized within the city – twinning. The official and business delegations of Shenyang city visited Ufa on November 10 and 11. The business delegation visited the Industrial park of Ufa, and had a meeting with the representatives of the city enterprises for establishing business relations.

The delegation of Ufa also had a rich program of visiting Shenyang on November 25. First of all the guests got acquainted with the work of Yuanda enterprise and its exhibition halls. It is a large international Corporation, whose activities include development, design and installation of front veneering systems, energy-saving windows and doors, elevators, electric motors production and environment protection. The Corporation has taken the first place in the world in terms of the production and sales capacity for a quite long time. The corporation was a contractor within the projects of building well-known objects in different countries of the world such as “Federation” , Russian complex - the tallest building in Europe, “Water painting” building in Chicago (USA), “Cocoon” building in Japan, “Water cube” and “Bird’s nest” for the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, Shopping center in Dubai (UAE) and others. The experience of the enterprise is appropriate for Ufa where energy saving, environment protection, enhance of architectural attractiveness of the constructed buildings, residential houses, facilities are especially focused on.

The delegation from Ufa went to the urban planning exhibition hall of Shenyang. Here guests were told about the history and development of the city and demonstrated a huge maquette of Shenyang, with the help of which different changes in the city are planned. It is necessary to note that Ufa is also aimed at fulfilling large infrastructural projects only after its mathematical modeling in order to understand what changes follow the exploitation of, for example, a new road or an overpass. Moreover the experience of Shenyang in the urban development planning became especially fascinating.

The district of Hunan built recently in Shenyang differs with its modern approach to urban economy and territory development. The work with network communications is an example.

The schools and kindergartens built in the new district impress with their huge areas and multi-functionality. Here kids are taught to work from the early age. Today Ufa is to create the first multi-functional educational complex and the Chinese experience will be necessarily considered. 

A tram appeared again in Shenyang. The officials of electric transport said that electric vehicles had been operating here since 1925 till 1973. However, the new city history realized that electric transport was needed because of its economy, ecological compatibility and high effectiveness. Trams appeared again in Shenyang in 2013. Moreover, it is the first system of modern trams in the country. All in all, 4 lines with the length of 60 km are built here. Electric transport keeps on developing. Let’s point out that the development of electric transport is one of the most important tasks of the transport strategy, new routes are developed, the issues of tram and trolleybus integration to multimodal transport carcass developed at the moment are considered. The experience of world cities including Shenyang justifies the chosen direction and suggests new directions for working in Ufa as well.

The city was shown to the delegation of Ufa from 25 floor in the Headquarters of Hunan district. By the way, the Shenyang territory is 8515 sq. km. The population is 5, 3 million people with suburban areas – more than 8, 2 million.

It is necessary to mention that the Soviet soldiers and specialists cemetery is situated in the city, where a monument to Soviet tank crews, who had released Shenyang from the Kwantung Army in August 1945, was established in 2006. The representatives of Ufa delegation laid flowers at the monument to the memory of our heroes.

A meeting with Zeng Wei, Secretary of Shenyang Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, completed the busy day. It concluded on accepting a number of important solutions. First of all, they relate to cooperation, transport and engineering communication as well as the education sphere. Particularly the exchange of experience in schools and kindergartens projecting was planned. An agreement about experience exchanging between creative teams was signed. The teams are presented on a very professional level. So the main concert hall of Shenyang will be presented for “Miras”, performing group from Ufa.

According to Irek Yalalov, the representatives of Ufa city Administration saw in Shenyang good solutions in city areas planning, accomplishment and in infrastructure solutions sphere. A number of them is planned to use in Ufa.

We will continue to familiarize residents with the results of Ufa delegation visit to China on Monday, November 30.

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