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Ufa and Qiqihar Become Sister-Cities

Date: 01.12.2015
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A ceremony of signing a memorandum about twinning relations between the Capital of Bashkortostan Republic and the city of Qiqihar, second largest and significant city in Heilongjiang province, was held within the official visit of the Delegation from Ufa to China on 28 November, 2015.

Note that the Agreement about cooperation was signed on 30 November. Since then the preparation to establishing twinning relations between both cities began.

During the official meeting between Khan Dunan, Qiqihar Chinese Communistic Party Municipal Committee Secretary, and Irek Yalalov, Head of Ufa City Municipal District Administration of Bashkortostan Republic, it was concluded that Qiqihar and Ufa are friendly enough to get down to business seriously. There will be an opportunity soon to cooperate in spheres of economy, investments, trade and business relations.

“Ufa is having a very important event which, I am sure, will be part of the City history as one of the most significant moments of establishing international friendly relations with the great city of Qiqihar, – Irek Yalalov said during the gala night. – Ufa and Qiqihar concluded on signing the Agreement very fast after having preliminary negotiations. We really hope that it will help residents of both cities live better. When the SCO and BRICS summits were finished Rustem Khamitov, Head of Bashkortostan Republic, ordered to establish closest relations with Chinese cities. As soon as we come back to Ufa we will report him on the results of our visit. I hope we signed the Agreement about friendship not only between the cities but also between the people, officials of these cities. Because no Agreement is efficient without open human relations. Let`s remember this day as one of the most important in our life.

Qiqihar City of Heilongjiang province was established in 1125. The square of the City is 42 400 It is divided into eight counties and seven districts. The population is 5,7 million people (its urban population is 1,5 million people).

The developed industry of the city includ heavy engineering , food industry and pulp and paper mill. Qiqihar is famous for its powerful production and translated as the city of “steel equipment”. A Chinese corporation of heavy engineering industry producing heavy technical equipment is situated here as well as Bayman Metallurgic Plant producing special steel and weldless pipes. There are also Qiqihar Railroad Wagon Company, largest manufacturer of railroad wagons and equipment, two factories producing digital control heavy machines. Hapin, Cheehwa and Huaan military equipment manufacturing plants provide the country safety.

Note that ecological, urban greening issues as well as ecologically clean products manufacturing issues in Qiqihar are seriously focused on as in Ufa.   

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