Sister cities and partners of Ufa

Ufa has 3 sister cities: Ankara (Turkey), Halle (Germany) and Shenyang (China).

On March 4th 1997 an agreement for commercial, trade, scientific and cultural cooperation was signed between Ufa and Ankara after which they became sister cities.

Bilateral relations between Halle and Ufa have long history. On March 1997 Halle and Ufa signed an agreement that calls both sides for assisting to develop mutually beneficial relations in cultural, commercial, scientific and other spheres.

An agreement on establishing sister-city relations between Shenyang, Lyaonin Province and Ufa, Bashkortostan Republic was signed on September 21st 2011.

Besides in the frame of development of international and interregional relations Ufa City Municipal District administration signed agreements for commercial, trade, scientific and cultural cooperation with Leipzig (Germany), Mersin (Turkey), Sukhum (Abkhazia) and a number of cities within Russian Federation, such as Orenburg, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Yakutsk and Sterlitamak. Realization of these agreements intends information exchange between enterprises of sister cities, cooperation in setting up multiple stores, holding combined exhibitions, seminars, cultural and sports events, exchange of delegations.

Ufa builds partner relations with Russian and CIS cities in the frame of membership in the International Assembly of Capitals and Cities. International Assembly of Capitals and Cities was established in January 1999 for organization of joint operations for the purpose of social-economic development of cities. At the moment this Assembly includes 85 cities from 9 CIS countries.